Sunday, March 6, 2011

Episode 11, Much ado about nothing!

Welcome to Episode 11!
Adventures in Stash diving!
Lopi by Reynolds, a bulky weight (5) spun from 100%icelandic wool
Boring color name 0738. Destined to become a pretty cabled bag.
Cascade Heritage sock yarn(1)75% merino/25% nylon in 5607, destined to become socks for dad for Christmas. What year Christmas? Who the fuck knows?
Colinette Tao, 100%silk yarn in Castagna. A Double knit weight yarn, also known as 3, or light. I’m saving it for just the right thing, I have 4 hanks of it.

On the kneedles
Bellona Cowl designed by Didi in Rainy days wooly dogs Gothling’s wicked color
The Forever Green Vest in Rowan’s “Big” Yarn, deep navy blue. Designed by Sarah Hatton.
Mystery sock #2, no longer a mystery! Designed by Wendy Gaal. Sorry I got her last name wrong while giving credit to the designer last week.
Antelope Hat using Malabrigo worsted. Designed by Kelly McClure.
Been there, done that-finished objects
Absolutely nothing!
Bling purse designed by Martin Story, knit in Ty-dye cotton, was finished a while ago.

Book of the week!
A vintage needlework book highlighting Crochet, Embroidery, Tatting, Knitting. Published in 1954 by Fawcett Publishing house in Greenwich, CT.

Tip of the week is from Reefgirl.
Use a large buckle to keep your light scarf or shawl right were you want it!


  1. I totally agree with you about vintage books, I love mine. They get straight to the point too. Just the instructions and some black & white photos or line drawings of what to do.

    The M. Story purse is awesome, maybe your Mom thought it was too delicate to use with the beads and all.

  2. Ok I need that stitch marker for the "P" socks that I will apparently be knitting for the rest of my damn life. lol
    Those vintage books are great.

  3. love the purse you made for mom.You're a good knitter.....keep knitting chika:o)

  4. Random info:

    'Castagna' sounds like 'Kastanje' to me, which means 'chestnut' in Danish :)

    Thank you for doing the show!