Monday, July 28, 2014

Twisted Strands Episode 149: On the other side

Welcome to Episode 149!

Works in Progress:

Baby Chalice Blanket by Karen S. Lauger Using Robin Aran tweed and size 10 us needles
and size 2 circulars
A beginner's cross stitch project that is beachy themed.

Button Yoke Cardigan by Sandi Prosser, using size 9 US circular needles and dpns, and Plymouth Encore worsted.

Stuff and Junk

I feel like I'm nearing the edge of a dark, lonely place in my life, where the light is shining, but alas, I am not quite sure if I'm ready for it quite yet. I appreciate all the love my online friends have shown me. Thank you for your prayers, your love, and your patience.
My contact info:
Jadee on
Jadee666 on Plurk, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter
And you can always email me at

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