Saturday, February 26, 2011

Twisted Strands, Ep. 10, Now with more Catbutt

A cat ignores me while I blather on, and now the world knows I have a terrible cold. ; On the other hand, I have great stash!

Show notes:
Thank you if you've taken the time to give a review on iTunes.
I read and appreciate each one. Sometimes for laugh!

Thanks for the shout outs from Sadie of Yarnivore, and Sarah of I swear I’m Knitting
What’s in my yarn basket?
(No, really, that’s only part of my birthday splurge!)
Berocco Seduce
Lorna’s Laces Handpainted worsted
Manos Del Uruguay Kettle Dyed and Maxima

Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival

March 17-19, 2011

Townsend, TN

Maryland Sheep & Wool May 7 - 8, 2011 @ 9:00 AM

Howard County Fairgrounds
West Friendship, Maryland

On the kneedles
Bellona Cowl designed by Didi in Rainy days wooly dogs Gothling’s wicked color

Candy corn sock is still in the works

Mystery sock #2, no longer a mystery!

Been there, done that-finished objects
One lousy sock!

One more project, please! Stuff I want to cast on
Hypnosis using Wollmeise rittersporn designed by Janel Laidman.
Antelope Hat using Malabrigo worsted. Designed by Kelly McClure.
Book of the week!
Knitting socks with handpainted yarn by Carol Sulcoski


  1. More cat butt! LOL
    You do sound like you are not feeling well at all. You poor thing. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow.
    Love that Lorna’s Laces. The colors are really pretty.

  2. Hope your feeling better soon. You sounded like I feel. Remember spring is on it's way. Keep smiling. Oh and keep you Dad away from the stove.

  3. This one is my FAVORITE episode yet! So sorry your sick, but you seem to be alot more comfortable in frnt of the camera now.I laughed more with this one than the others. hey i've been curious what is your job?And you should let us see some of your dolls dressed in the knitted outfits you refer too. Can't wait until the next episode.....take care:o)