Sunday, March 13, 2011

Twisted Strands, Episode 12: Hello Ms. Rantypants!

I talk a bit about dolls, get a little ranty, show off some yarn, and tell you about my favorite sock part.

Welcome to Episode 12
Adventures in Stash diving!
Three Ewes Twisted in Fiber
Golightly Self-Striping, 80% SW Merino, 10% Nylon, 10% Cashmere.

Stitches South is taking place in Atlanta, GA the weekend of April 14-17, 2011.
I keep forgetting to mention this during the podcast.

On the kneedles
The Tidal Waves socks by Debi Lake have seen a lot of action lately. I’m almost done with the heel flap.
Pattern is here;
Bellona Cowl designed by Didi in Rainy days wooly dogs Gothling’s wicked color
The Forever Green Vest in Rowan’s “Big” Yarn, deep navy blue. Designed by Sarah Hatton.
Mystery sock #2, no longer a mystery! Designed by Wendy Gaal.
Antelope Hat using Malabrigo worsted. Designed by Kelly McClure.

Been there, did that-finished objects

2 MSD beanie hats, pattern by Holly Terrell.
That lovely colored yarn for the green rainbow hat is from Color Bug Yarns.

Stuff and Junk
Stitch dots! By Polarknit


  1. First: I don't care if he's real the guy who plays Christopher in the Soprano's is hot, thusly I associate Jersey with hot people, own it woman!
    Second: LOVE!!!
    Lastly: Agreex1000 on the not all knitters are nice people, I've known some serious asshole knitters in my day ;) But not you cause your awesomesauce ;)

  2. Thanx for showing us your dolls and the knitted items you've made for them. I too am a doll collector so enjoyed watching that:o)I TOTALLY agree with your opinion about knitting and shopping. Oh my it's quite obvious that the writer of the mag article does not knit or crochet.And to suggest a partner?wow.Anyone i've ever had with me gave me reasons why to BUY whatever i was debating on.Yes an enabler for sure. One last line..Jadee i subscribed to simply knitting and was wondering:did it really take 12 wks. to get the subsription going?ugh! if so i won't start getting mine until late june early july.eerrr!

  3. "She's just a bitch that likes yarn" OMG I love that!!