Saturday, January 22, 2011

Twisted Strands, Episode 5, Will It Burn?

Where I do the burn test and nearly set my hair on fire, and actually do singe my keyboard, lol! ; Oh, and a book wrap up and review, and WIPS!

This week’s yarn is:
In a crispy burnt pile, lol
I’ve decided to see if there really is a yarn that is not flammable. Watch and find out yourself!
Stuff I’m working on:
Tidal Waves Socks designed by Deby Lake. Sock #1 is done, yay! And of course, I’ve cast on the second.
Mystery sock Knitalong called Family Jewels from The Knitter’s Brewing Company. Color is Mulberry Sweet. You can join me in this knitalong in the Ravelry group The Knitter’s Brewing Co., and it is a free pattern.
White Caps fingerless gloves, purchased from the independent designers gallery at Knitpicks. Colorway is mixed berry, Yarn is Cherry Tree Hill.
The knitalong/crochetalong/spinalong is still ongoing for the group, the theme is the color Red (whatever shade you like, even pink, counts!).
My project for the red knitalong is a pretty lacy feather and fan cowl for my mom. Red Cowl for Mom Follow the link to see the project and a link to the pattern!

Thanks for watching!

I’ve created a Ravelry Group for the podcast. It’s called Twisted Strands Podcast. If you’d like to join, all are welcome!

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