Saturday, January 8, 2011

Twisted Strands Episode 3, I knit so I won't kill People

In this episode, I share a bunch of yarn, one nearly finished object, and some events happening around NJ and some of my favorite things.

In this episode, you get a better idea of just how many projects I like to have on the burners, and I’ve started a new book!
This week’s yarns are:
Knitterly things Vesper Sock Yarn in the colorway “Wintermint”
Robin Aran Tweed in a heather bluey-grey color.
More Wisdom Yarn’s Marathon Socks, North Pole line. One ball is Merry Merry and another is Victoriana.
Mom’s mitts are done, Yay!
Stuff I’m working on:
Tidal Waves Socks designed by Deby Lake.
Bulky hat that I’m modifying a great deal.
The t-shirt is a gift my cousin Bridget purchased from Café Press.
Podcasts that I'm enjoying this week:
Knit Cents with Rachel
Knitting Pipeline with Paula
And of course, Knitgirllls with Leslie and Laura, and Round the Twist with Carin.

I’ve created a Ravelry Group for the podcast. It’s called Twisted Strands Podcast. If you’d like to join, all are welcome!


  1. OOOh the wintermint looks so great!

  2. It's a very fine yarn, so I'm kinda limited as to what to do with it, lol. I'm looking forward to the stripey goodness, however.

  3. You will really enjoy the vesper I think. The audio on this one was super duper low for me, but it might have been my computer. :)

  4. Ack, thanks for the note Leslie. Technical crap I suppose. Or perhaps I need to speak up a bit, lol!