Monday, August 6, 2012

Twisted Strands Ep. 78: Still Obsessed with Socks

Welcome to Episode 78

Phat Fiber Faves:

Our Humble Castle (

Crocus Tea in Swagger Fingering MCN

Lanitiumexmachina at (

Way of Tea, 50/50 merino tencel roving

On the kneedles

Anne's Magic Stripes by Antje Gillingham, size 2, (2.75mm) Knitpicks Felici in Marine Life Colorway

#27 Cable Rib Panel Tank by Jean Suzuki in Plymouth Fantasy Naturale color#9989

Fresh off the kneedles!


Stuff and Junk

Movies for knitting!

Young Adam, a gritty, kinda sexy film about a drifter during the 1950’s in Scotland.

Toddlers in Tiaras yup.

Bridget the crazy cousin and I took a long-awaited trip to Lion Brand’s Outlet store in the “wilds” of Carlstadt, NJ. There we sat and relaxed (well, I did, Bridget and her mom did more shopping than I.) I also met Tara, a viewer, and her friend Courtney, who has a blog called Nonlinear Knitting.

What the Hay!

Cleo gave me the run around, and refused to comply until the instructor intervened.

Norbert is clearly not motivated, despite my best efforts.

The Summer Top knit and crochet along is still going, as I haven’t touched my top since a few rows last week. How sad is that?

The Holiday Gift Non-rush knit and crochet along is going to begin August 15, 2012 and will last until the end of October. I will be drawing from the finished holiday gift objects thread that will magically appear in the Twisted Strands Forum, and there will be a chatter thread, as well. If anyone would like to donate a prize, I’m accepting donations, just get in touch with me, you will get full credit for what you give!

I have a donate button on the blog, too, if you’d like to tip me.

I have buttons for sale, contact me on Ravelry if you’d like to purchase one for 2 dollars!

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