Monday, April 2, 2012

Twisted Strands, Episode 62: Tank Top or Mitts?

To enter yourself into a drawing for a pattern worth 10 bucks or less, just help me pick my next project! I want to do a tank top for me or a pair of reading mitts for mom. Comment below and you're entered!
Welcome to Episode 62
Fibery funtimes
Colorbug Yarn and Fiber
fingering weight, 50/50 silk and merino
Friends in Fiber
Champagne and Chocolate
Suri Alpaca, Camel, Merino and silk blend

The retail therapy is over for now, but I highly recommend checking your shops and the internet for many beautiful warmer weather yarns in both bright and muted colors. Glorious!

On the kneedles
Concentric Socks by Carissa Browning with Vesper sock self striping.
Mittens for me mystery knitalong by Laura Linneman with Mini Mochi and Knitpicks Pallette
Autumn shawl from Knitting Fever, using autumn yarn.

Fresh off the needles!
A very heavily modified version of Ysolde’s opera mitts.

Movies for knitting!
Nothing, as I’ve been playing too much Sims 3.

Spinning some corriedale from Purple Fleece.

Stuff and Junk

And the parents are both home and healing. Thank you everyone for the kind thoughts and prayers for me and my family.

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  1. Oh...I think you deserve a tank! :). Happy knitting!

  2. I think you should knit a tank for yourself!

  3. You are such a great daughter, I think your mom would want you to knit something for yourself.

  4. Tank top ,maybe a Tank KAL will motivate you to finish.I was thinking of a tank to.

  5. I'm usually the world's biggest selfish knitter proponent, but I have to say mitts for mom first this time!

  6. I think it's a perfect time to knit yourself a tank; later you can knit mitts for your Mom.

  7. I think it's time for a tank for yourself in time for the warmer weather! You can keep the mitts as an idea for your mom's retirement gift a bit later on perhaps... :)

  8. Nice to hear that your parents are doing well. You're wearing a tank top in this episode so it must be warm enough for them so I think a tank top first.

  9. Tank top! I loved the last one you showed, and can't wait to see your yarn choice for this one - will you use the cotton you showed on episode 60?

  10. Well I am conflicted- Might be nice to celebrate Mom being home and getting better- However you deserve some ME knits-

  11. I vote for a tank top. I have this one in my queue

  12. Hi Jadee,
    I think you should make a tank top for yourself, since it is spring and almost summer. ;)

  13. Summer is coming. Knit the tank top.

  14. Knit a tank top for yourself :) You deserve to make something pretty for you for being a great daughter!!

  15. Maybe a tank for you, get ready for summertime? ;)

  16. The weather is warming up. I think you should make a tank top.

  17. I think you should do a little bit of selfish knitting and knit the tank top.

    Keeping your parents in my thoughts and prayers.

  18. Mitts for mom. Otherwise guilt will make you miserable as you're knitting up your tank and everything that can go wrong will, you know. Mitts are fairly quick anyway and then you can move on to your tank before it is sweltering outside :)

  19. I think you should start the mitts for your mom. I’m sure she knows you love her, but this would be a little something extra in a time when she isn’t feeling well.

  20. I think mom needs mitts to help her recover. Once those are completed, then start your tank top.
    Crochet lily

  21. Start with the mitts for your mom and then do the tank for you!

  22. I say start both but put the priority on the mitts for mom. The pick me up will do her good, and you probably have more time to finish the tank since the weather is still not tank season. At least not here anyway, it snowed 5 inches on Wednesday. :) Besides I have a pair of the mitts started and have had for months. I never get a chance to work on them and the kitten chewed the cable so I had to wait until I got another pair of needles to switch over to.

  23. I’m voting for the mitts for mom. She needs lots of lovin’ right now.

  24. I say both, but start with your mom. She needs to feel special.

  25. I also think you should do both. And I like the idea of doing the mitts as a break while you are doing the tank top. What tank are you thinking of doing? I want to do a tank top too. Maybe we could join you? I am so glad to hear your mom and dad are doing good!

  26. I think that you should knit the tank top for you, you rarely knit things for you. You are special to, you bring me joy every time I watch your show. You could also knit the mitts during your breaks from the tank top. That’s what I would do.

  27. I vote for mitts!

  28. I say make the tank top. You deserve something nice right now. You could make the mitts for your mom when the weather gets cool again. Someone on the blog said to make them as a retirement gift, after you start your tank. I think that is a good idea.

    You should do whatever makes you feel the best. That’s all that matters.

  29. If the mitts are quick, do them first. If not, do the tank top first.

  30. Mitts! Then the tank top. So glad the parents are through their rough patch.

  31. I think you should start both. The mitts would be a nice pick me up for your mother and its always wonderful to make something for yourself so start a cute spring/summer tank!

  32. Mitts! Some extra TLC for your mom during her recovery. :-)

  33. I think you should start both . The mitt for your mom would be fairly fast and the tank top would motivate you (getting a project done for your self). Do you have a pattern choice for your tank top? You worn a lovely shawl the last podcast,what was the pattern? I will continue to lift your parents and yourself in prayer,God bless Deborah(shorelineknits)

  34. I think you should do the mitts for your mom. Hope both your mom and dad are doing okay!