Monday, April 9, 2012

Twisted Strands Ep. 63: A Quickie With a Drawing

Welcome to Episode 63
Fibery funtimes
I finished spinning my Iridescence by Purple fleece! I’m calling it crazy sexy color and I’ll add it to my stash page soon.
I’m going to start spinning “South Beach Night Lights” by Sdtilepcs. 2 ozs of wool.
Ethereal Fibers
Starlight socks “Sexy Toes we need to talk about”

The retail therapy is over for now, but I highly recommend checking your shops and the internet for many beautiful warmer weather yarns in both bright and muted colors. Glorious!

On the kneedles
Concentric Socks by Carissa Browning with Vesper sock self striping.
Mittens for me mystery knitalong by Laura Linneman with Mini Mochi and Knitpicks Pallette
Autumn shawl from Knitting Fever, using autumn yarn.

Fresh off the needles!
Almost done with the shawl!

Movies for knitting!
Wolf Town-just awful, not even worth a skein of the nastiest acrylic!
Case 39, really good and filled with suspense
Dream House, good, interesting, but jumps around with its plot a bit too much.

Stuff and Junk
And the winner of the drawing is Grandmajean!
I will be getting in touch with you on Tuesday.
And the parents are both home and healing. Thank you everyone for the kind thoughts and prayers for me and my family.

Tip jar
You know those hair clips that are small, like a butterfly clip, sold at your market by the dozen? Next time, add those to your knitting bag for seaming and marking.

I have a donate button on the blog, too, if you’d like to tip me.

I have buttons for sale, contact me on Ravelry if you’d like to purchase one for 2 dollars!
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  1. Great episode, as always!!! And I love Susie's Reading Mitts. Mom will love them, and I can't wait to see the tank top too!! Keep 'em coming! :)

  2. Great episode. I hope to see you at CT S&W again. :)

  3. Hi your question on Plurk got me thinking about how much i love to get comments on my episodes, so for every podcast i have watched in the last couple if days i have made a comment. your hadspun was really pretty. Maybe you can make a nice loose cowl with it, something that will drape around your neck but not tightly so that its not too warm. or you can jsut leave it in a skein and wear it like a necklace.