Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Twisted Strands Episode 162: Winter cold or allergies?

Welcome to Episode 162!

Works in Progress:
Patch by Susan Claudino using various stash yarns in DK weight and size 4 needles. I really only need to sew him together and give him a face.
Calligraphy Cardigan by Hannah Fettig, Madeline Tosh, Stargazing colorway, size 6 needles (4.00mm)
Reindeer Mittens by Amy Gains
Morticia by booknits using wandering wool and I think size 4 circulars. It's been a while.
Baby Chalice Blanket by Karen S. Lauger Using Robin Aran tweed and size 10 us needles, This is hibernating.

and size 2 circulars
A cross stitch beach theme project

Stuff and Junk

Silly clip shows
Dog the Bounty Hunter
Very pleased by Constantine and Sleepy Hollow, also catching season 8 of Supernatural.

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And you can always email me at jadeealtATgmail.com
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