Monday, March 24, 2014

Twisted Strands Episode 139: The long, slow work in progress

Welcome to Episode 139!

Works in Progress:

Curse-breaker 9.0 by Michele DuNaier , size US H hook, ella rae lace merino, nearly done!
Button Yoke Cardigan by Sandi Prosser, using size 9 US circular needles and dpns, and Plymouth Encore worsted.
I’m still spinning the beautiful Loop batt that I purchased during Rhinebeck.

Stuff and Junk

I’ve watched two different things and completely forgot to mention them this episode. First off was a real stinker. Disaster Movie. I wouldn’t even give it one skein.
I also watched the mini-series Steven King’s The Shining. It was much more faithful to the book, naturally. I don’t know why I expect movies to follow a book exactly, I should just give that up. I would give this remake a 4 skein review.
Housework? Since I’ve been sick, there hasn’t been much cleaning done. Now that I’m feeling better, I hope to get some spring cleaning done!
With luck, the What the Hay? segment should be back if I can get the riding lesson schedule I want.
While grocery shopping, I found a copy of Nordic Knitting, 29 small projects for only 5 bucks. It has many pretty designs by one of my favorite designers, Martin Storey.
Linda Versaci is a lovely designer that I had the pleasure of meeting at Trillium Yarns a few weeks ago. Her designs feature textural stitches in sweaters that are traditional or differently shaped. She also has accessories amongst her designs. Check out her page-

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